#ROW80 Check-in #12

Annnnd I am back. I have been copyediting all week, and finished part 1 of the book and sent it back last night. Part 2 is due to hit within the next few days.

No writing. Although I may be able to do some today and tomorrow!

I’m still pretty tired, but I seem to be coming out of it. Of course daylight saving time happened last night, so that’s another goofy week for me. Oh, well.

Here’s the actual rundown:

Ever Touched – Nada, due to the copyedit. But have been having Thoughts.

Covenant/8 mins a day – Same, but Thinking about where to go next with it.

Water – Every day except two.

Planner – I fell off the wagon toward the end of the week, but today I filled in every day this coming week with something. It seems to be working better.

Darkroom – I finally decided to JUST DO IT after I wrote my ROW80 post last Sunday. It’s done! The chemicals need to be taken to the city in September for disposal, but they are ready to go! I just ordered fresh ones which should be coming in the next week or so. Also, I ordered two rolls of B&W infrared film too! Expensive, but I’m DYING to try it again! It’s a new brand for me, so it will be a total experiment, but hey, I love it and NEED to do more. So that’s covered.

Physical activity – FINALLY hit 3 times this week! And I walked a bit yesterday! Hubby and I try to walk every day when the weather’s nice, so that should be happening more often now that we’re heading into spring.

Old project/Darkweaver – This is a really old novel idea I’ve been wanting to write FOREVER but the timing hasn’t been right. I got hit on the head with a way to handle some things yesterday and I’m wondering if I should try to make time in this year’s schedule for it. I don’t know. I’d need to outline this one, and find my old notes, but it might be worth it. This proves that some books NEED to be written regardless of how long it takes. I’ve been mulling it over for 10 years. Actually, now 11. It’s supposed to be a trilogy. And it’s pretty unique, I think. I’ve always thought it’d be good for e-pub or traditional publishing. We will see!

I hope I can do more this week. 🙂

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