#ROW80 Check-in 12/13/15

Here I am with another ROW80 update. I completely spaced on Wednesday’s check-in and decided to wait till today.

I have been very busy, and I anticipate I’ll be getting busier as Christmas approaches. I have had some issues finding the time to sit down and work on this revision, so I am not making great progress. It is also starting to feel like a total rewrite with all the changes I’m making. Which isn’t bad — but, unfortunately, there isn’t enough time to do a complete rewrite + editing/proofreading + a synopsis. So it may be a no go, but I am still optimistic that I can get it done regardless. (I may be delusional). Even so, I plan to continue working on this for submission to another publisher, so all will not be lost if I don’t make the deadline.

I’m also having issues with my MC. I mentioned previously that she has been very snarky, and a lot of beta feedback has been negative toward her, and not just because of the snarkiness. BIG, big issues. So I posed a question to some writer friends and they had some great advice and feedback. So I have been trying to implement changes to both my MCs, and I’ve been feeling a bit lost. Because this book has literally been in my head for 10 years, and Alisia, the MC, has always been so strong and tough, and changing her feels like a betrayal. BUT I know these changes are for the good of the book, and for her (as far as likability is concerned) and well, it’s an adjustment. You have to do what the book requires. And if I have a shot at getting it published, I need to dig in and get it done.

So it’s been a bit weird so far. I’m on page 24 of 250. I hope to speed up some this week. I hope.

Physical activity: 1 time, 15 minutes

Chocolate consumption: Not a lot. WW Sundaes and WW chocolate-caramel thingies but that’s it. Majorly falling down on the job here.

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 12/13/15

  1. Page 24, eh? I always find the early pages of any stage of any project to be weird. And slow. Hopefully, you’re already speeding up a bit, n the time that you can supply to the project

    It can be hard when you know you need to change something about a character, but you’ve had them in your mind a certain way for so long…I’ve been there. It’s not an easy or comfortable place – but it does always seem to help the story.

    Best of luck and lots of chocolate to you! =)

  2. Hi Shan! Would you believe that I haven’t passed page 24 yet? I keep needing to fix the way these characters are behaving. I think I may get it down with one more pass, though.

    Yeah, definitely not comfortable, but I imagine it will get better as time passes. Thank you!

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