#ROW80 Check-in 11/29/15

I am finally able to do a proper #ROW80 post! I was busy with Thanksgiving prep, then Thanksgiving! I had a 4-day weekend from work which has gone by so fast! I go back tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to it!

I also got all of my Christmas shopping done. 🙂

As for NanoWriMo, I am up to 31,548 words, which means I made my goal of 30k! YAY! And, early, no less! Yesterday I had a migraine/TN pain combo which put me in bed early (like, waaay early!) and on Friday I went Christmas shopping which was exhausting, so here we are. On Thanksgiving I took a break — and I was too busy to really think about writing, honestly.

So I made it. I also revised Changeling 3 for posting on Tuesday, finally!

On Tuesday I am also starting the revision for Pirouette for submission to the publisher I mentioned a few weeks back. I was hoping to start this weekend, but it wasn’t in the cards. I still need to think about the first scene, anyway — I want to present my MC using her forbidden magic, but I have rewritten this scene several times and it’s just not working for me. It’s been said that you start a novel when the MC’s life is about to change irrevocably — which is what I did. But I can’t put my finger on why it’s not working. So, 2 days to think about it.

Words written: 31,548
Words remaining: 0
Word wars: 11
Word wars with myself: 5
Chapters written: n/a, as I stopped doing chapter divisions
What’s happening: Brianna is in over her head
What’s next: Something?
Feeling: Not bad!

Chocolate consumption: It’s more like pie consumption this week! We had a grand total of 5 pies for Thanksgiving, and none of them were chocolate. I think my favorites were (homemade) pecan and caramel apple! Been sneaking some WW chocolate caramel thingies. I also need to get back onto the program. But, leftovers!

12 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 11/29/15

  1. Congratulations on meeting your NaNoWriMo goal! And about the pies . . . my nephew made the best pecan pie ever! I swear. It was better even then anything chocolate I have ever had. We told him he is on to bring one to every holiday dinner for the rest of his life! Like seriously.

    So, anyway have a great week. Spend some time just chillin’.

  2. I love pecan pie! Know who else does? Trip Tucker, that’s who! Although T’Pol says it’s mostly sugar, he contends that even if it isn’t good for the body, it IS good for the soul. I think I’ll take his side, this time…

    You’ve made tremendous progress this round, and WAHOO! for that NaNo goal! =)

      1. I tend to agree with him on that, too. Pecan pie is endlessly yummy!

        It’s such a good feeling to reach a goal like that. And you have all those words to play with! =D

  3. Congratulations on meeting your NaNo goal, AND getting most of your shopping done! Woo hoo! As for pie, my favorite is my aunt’s chocolate cream pie. It is soooooo good! Have an awesome week.

  4. I’m seriously lacking in the pie department…
    *high five from far away* on 30K+ in November! Yay for realistic NaNo. 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better and work hasn’t treated you too badly after the long weekend.

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