Photo Notes: Digital Infrared Post Processed Pics

PontiacLk-INF2-PPIt’s taken me awhile to get the pictures transferred to my computer and post-processed. Post processing does not just involve converting to black and white as I once thought. There are a few steps. And, of course, this is my first time, and I imagine I ill get better at it as I go.

These were all post-processed in Adobe Photoshop. I am pretty geeked at how they turned out — they really do resemble black and white infrared pictures.

More to come soon. I have another batch to work on.Pontiac-LK-INF4-PP

These are from our camping trip to Pontiac Lake campground this summer using a converted-to-infrared DSLR. I posted a few of the originals here.PontiacLk-INF7-PP



Stay tuned! There is more coming!


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