New Release: Burning Bright by KD Sarge

silhouette mockup 2Okay, guys, I’ve probably said a few times now, but I have to say it again: THIS BOOK ROCKS. I was the copy editor on it, so I got to read the final draft, and I was astounded. The twists, the turns, the main character Hiro, who was awesome…the landsquid…I’m telling you, go forth and buy. Now.

But, Erin, you’re asking, what’s it about? Well, let me give you the official blurb:

To Keeper Apprentice Hiro Takai, Keepers are heroes, risking their lives to battle with sword and spell the demons that would devour all life. His master Eshan is one of the best—skilled beyond his years, and possessing exquisite control over his magic and emotions. Hiro is lucky to be harnessing his fire-magic under Eshan’s tutelage—and even luckier to be his lover. But when Hiro wakes as a full Keeper after his Kindling ritual, everything is wrong. Something is in his mind, bringing him new and amazing power, but it’s not sane. Eshan is gone, slipped away on a dangerous mission leaving only a cryptic warning for Hiro to flee the Keepers—who are now debating if they should kill Hiro or just let him die.No mage is more powerful, more knowledgeable, or more true than Eshan. Hiro knows his teacher can help—if Hiro can just find him. Find him, and save him. Before the Other in Hiro’s mind drives him mad, or tears his soul to shreds.

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING? Go, go buy it! It released today.

Here are the buy links:

Amazon (Kindle Edition) :


It is book one of a trilogy, so there are more coming!

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