#ROW80 Check-n 10/28/15 – Settling

Things have been a bit tough over here. If you didn’t read my post from Sunday, I lost a dear friend and co-worker last week and was grieving. I still am, actually. I’m just now starting to ease into normal life again.

He was like a grandfather to me and losing him so suddenly was not only a shock but a huge blow. I’d just spoken with him the week before. And while he was in poor health, he seemed to be doing okay. Certainly not near death. So it was a tough time, and I’ve been reflecting and collecting memories. His desk at work has been vacated for over a year. But he was in the world somewhere, you know? Now he’s just gone. And I’ve been sad. Too sad to even contemplate writing.

Until today! I finally wrote!

Here’s the proper rundown:

Physical activity – 3 times, 15 minutes
Covenant – 969 words today! Just hovering under 13k!
Fireborn – 398 words; 19k now
Ever Touched: Outlined! Set up on the Nano site and ready to roll.
Test roll: No, because grieving.

Chocolate consumption: A fair amount. Rollos, WW caramel thingies, WW Sundaes. Trying not to overeat with this awful hunger. It’s been a challenge. I’m hovering around the same weight, so at least I haven’t gained anything. Yay?

How’d you do?

8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-n 10/28/15 – Settling

  1. So sorry for your loss, I know how much that can throw everything into chaos or at minimum on the back burner. I’m glad you were able to start writing again, sometimes it can be the best thing for helping one through a loss.

    May you remember all the wonderful times you had with your friend.

  2. My condolences on your loss.
    Writing is an odd beast… at times, it’s what we need to do. But at other times, we just can’t bring ourselves to put pen to paper or hands to keyboard.


    I continue my quest to get Brookside Chocolates to send me freebies and officially sponsor my writing career. Maybe I’ll try a video. That might get their attention…

  3. Thanks AmyBeth! It is strange how the muse works. Now there’s an idea! Maybe I should try to get Morley’s to sponsor my career. Free peanut butter blocks! Think it would work? 😉

  4. So sorry for your loss there. Losing a good friend stings big time. Perhaps you can place your late friend’s name in the dedication page in your novel.
    Passing some coffee to you.

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