RSW Progress Report 7/20/15

It’s that time again! Ready, Set, Write! Progress incoming.

How’d I do?

How I did on last week’s goals

The road in front of our campsite. Raw image, no post-processing has been done.
The road in front of our campsite. Raw image, no post-processing has been done.

~1,500 words minimum on Fireborn (Camp Nano) NOPE. 444 words.
~1,500 words minimum on Covenant (Camp Nano) NOPE. 0 words.
~Work on Survivor outline (midpoint, doorway of no return, and clue/discovery/setback)DONE! And got most of the rough outline done.
~Start book #3 for review NOPE. Still working on book #2…very close to being done.
~Photography stuff: take pics at camp (this weekend), play with new camera if it arrives this week DONE and DONE! Took several lovely infrared pictures. They need post-processing, but they look the way they are supposed to look. (Funny thing. Apparently this model does not have the option to shoot in B&W like my other one. Oops. So part of post-processing will be converting to B&W.)

Our campsite. Raw picture, not post-processed yet.
Our campsite. Raw picture, not post-processed yet.

This week’s goals

~500 words minimum on Fireborn/rework current scene
~500 words minimum on Covenant
~Finish book #2 for review
~Start Survivor Rewrite…again.

A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised Not. Enough. Time. (Okay, three words!) I had some issues finding the time — sounds crazy, but it’s true. Hubby and I went camping this past weekend, so a lot of my time went into packing and prep and seeing the in-laws. I had bad eye pain on Tuesday that made me want to stab my eyeballs so that wasn’t helping matters. While camping I thought about writing, but because I got sick from the heat (yes, that is possible), all I did was lay in the camper in a haze. Seriously. I did nothing. Oh, I did nap a few times.

The biggest challenge I faced this week (ie finding time to write, getting sick, having writer’s block, etc): See above. It just wasn’t happening for me last week.

Something I love about my WIP: Talking more about Survivor (sorry!), I love the dynamic between the different characters. I have several POV characters and their lives intersect in interesting ways. In my new outline, I was able to bring that more to the surface and increase tension and conflict. Yet the original bones are still very much there. I *may* need to split the book into two (or three — I have a sort of sequel planned) and that part is about 50k so far. Might work better, but we will see.

How did you do?


6 thoughts on “RSW Progress Report 7/20/15

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I’m sorry you got sick from the heat–that used to happen to me all the time when we lived in TX–dehydration. Awful! It sounds like you had a bit too much going on last week (and weren’t feeling up to it) so hopefully this week will be better for you :).

  2. That’s horrible about your eye pain and even worse that it was timed with your camping trip. I hope you’re feeling a whole lot better and that you’ll be able to focus on writing this week much more comfortably! Glad you were able to get your outline done despite the busyness and eyes issues!

  3. I’m liking this for the camping and the pictures, and not for the pain and getting sick!

    I know you….you’ll be back to the writing as soon as you’re up to it, which I hope you are by now!

    Sending your eye all the good energy I’ve got! =)

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