#ROW80 Check-in 7/12/15

Annnd here we are again!

I’ve been doing pretty well with the writing this week. I haven’t made any big numbers but I’m working steadily, and that’s a good thing. 😉

Here’s the rundown of my progress:

Survivor – Going to work on it today. I have an idea of how to work the first chapter. Hopefully, this will work and I can move on.
Fireborn – 1,788 new words, up to 19k now.
Covenant – 672 new words, up to 7k now.
Ever Touched – No change. Still noodling.
Camp Nano – Up to 4k.

I didn’t end up getting my camera fixed. I found a closer place. The guy I talked to says he may be able to repair it on site. That will save me some money.

I am also looking into doing both digital and b&w infrared photography. I experimented with it while in college and really loved it, but wasn’t able to replicate the same results (same film — just hard to use). So I’ve decided to start on it again. Should be fun. Looking at converted-to-infrared DSLRs (yep, they exist. I had no idea! They only “see” the infrared spectrum). So…that’s happening.

Chocolate consumption: Definitely less than usual. I have been taking care to not eat so much. Hopefully this will help.

I also started walking again. Hopefully I can make that stick, too!


8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 7/12/15

  1. The rundown of your progress is not too shabby. Every itty bitty words counts. Yeah walking is good for you. I take my dog out for walk. A little time out from mental chit chat of mind and the muse.

  2. Those look like very respectable word counts to me! Keep up the good work. Oh yes, the chocolate, so tempting. 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

  3. Way to go, Erin!! It is great progress.

    Congrats of the chocolate reduction. It’s hard trying to limit what you eat, especially something like chocolate. Keep up the great work!!

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