#ROW80 Check-in 6/10/15

Getting down to the wire now! Holy crap!


Granted, I’m doing maybe 500 words a day at the most, and I’m keeping a low goal so I don’t scare off my muse. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Fireborn – Restarted this one today. 267 words, just getting back into the swing. Draft up to 14,510 words.
Survivor – Sadly, was on hold while I camped and did other things. This Sunday I plan on jumping back in.
Ever Touched – Started a file on it in HiveMind. Planning on doing some loose outlining soon.**
Covenant – The new project. Again, few hundred wordsΒ a day, no pressure. Draft is up to 2,234 words now.

Is that it? I think so.

**Something’s hanging me up on this. Without getting into too many details…I have two directions I could go with this. One is having the protagonist and a clone, and have them be connected and be sort of…psychically sensing each other? Then later the clone will have to cope with the fact that she’s a clone and why she exists. Or, I could just have the protagonist experiencing everything without a clone or psychic connection. Thing is, the clone idea is much more complex, but intrigues me in a few different ways (she is also the love interest of the hero). The other way is less intriguing, but…cleaner I guess? I’m trying to figure out if it’s just a matter of CLONE ZOMG COOL MOAR SCI-FI STUFF or if it’s a valid (and good) idea. Anyone care to weigh in?

The FT books are sci-fi but also fantasy, so a clone would fit into the mix (and with genetic engineering, yeah!) but this is the first time I’m using a psychic connection and precognition which is both sci-fi and fantasy IMO. I believe it still works within the constraints of the FT world. (I had scrapped the original idea due to not fitting, and the 2nd idea…this is my third.)

So once I nail that down, I can proceed.

(I would like to at least start this book this year. Trying to avoid a 3-yr gap between books.)

Chocolate consumption update! Wowza, I can really pack it in! Lots and lots of chocolate. And olive oil. (Don’t ask. It’s work-related and not that exciting).

Eye has been yucky today and yesterday, coinciding with a storm front coming through. Yay. (Working on getting answers.)

I think that’s it?

Heard this lyric and the muse is chewing on it: I will burn the sky.

14 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 6/10/15

  1. Oh, I like that, “I will burn the sky.” Into my notebook it goes. πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the words and getting back to writing! I’m working on getting back into a regular routine again too.

  2. Every word counts – and “I will burn the sky” is now speaking to the wilder side of T’Pol. too…

    Can’t wait to see what it spurs for you!

    I hope you do get eye answers, and soon… =)

    1. I forgot to mention that I love the clone/love interest/ psychic connection angle. If there’s one that speaks to me, I always write that one. It’ll be better, and the other version might be a better fit somewhere else.

      1. It has been a long time. I send your eye, and the rest of you, happy thoughts.

        Oh, yes…T’Pol’s wild side is wild indeed!

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