#ROW80 Check-in 9/28/14 – Better late than never

My how time flies! I’ve been doing PT and just got back from our 4th camping trip of the year. Next week is the fifth and last. I absolutely love camping. This time, we went to Lakeport, one of the campgrounds where I spent many, many camping trips with my family. Some were even church campouts. There’s this swing set I used to swing on, near the beach. That’s my clearest memory of camping. Well, I wondered if it was still there. And this morning, hubby and I were walking around and voila…we found it! It gave me a little thrill to see that. (They may have moved the location slightly, but it’s still in the same basic spot). It was really cool…like coming home. 😀

On to writing. I did the math and since the last check-in (on Sept. 10th), I’ve written a whopping 25k. In total, since this round started, I’ve written 60k. (!!!!!) I’m at 102k and nearing the end. I have the climax to write and the tying of loose ends. I may be able to use some of the old material, as the very end is staying the same. It’s just the mechanics that are changing. There’s also one aspect of things I neglected to put in, and it’s pretty important so I’ll be making some notes before starting the revision.

I will definitely participate in Round 4 and will probably be revising mostly. The deadline’s coming close. I can’t believe there are just THREE MONTHS left in the year!

Stats! (cuz we all love them!)
Total words written: ~60k
Words remaining: 0
What’s happening: We’re about to enter the climax.
What’s next: Tying of loose ends
Eye report: Been bugging me a bit
Back report: Terrible. Took a pain pill. 😦
Chocolate consumption since last check-in: A whole lot! A few small bags of M&Ms (my favorite!), cookies &cream popsicles (2?), s’mores, WW snacks….that’s all I can think of at the moment. There’s probably more I’m forgetting.

This was a GREAT round and lots of fun! See ya in Round 4!

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 9/28/14 – Better late than never

  1. Good to see you, Shan! It’s okay — it’s amazing how time just flies! I’ll be starting Round 4 late due to some things that need to get done and little time to do them. But I will be back for sure!

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