#ROW80 Final Check-in Round 2

I’ve been so insanely busy that I missed the two previous check-ins. But I wanted to make this one for sure.

As you know, I’ve made some decent progress on several projects. I’ve finished just shy of 10k, which is 25k below my initial goal. Life took some big swings at me, and I haven’t been writing as much. I’ve been mostly editing, which I didn’t factor into my total numbers. I’m finally finished with Reaper Girl and all that’s left is copyedits on the other stories (and Reaper Girl at the end). After that’s put to bed, my next priority is the Grave Touched rewrite. That really, really, really needs to get going again. I think I wrote only once on it this month. I’m ~40k in, ~80k to go.

So next round, that will be the priority. And possibly a side project, just to keep my muse from gnawing on me too much.

Final stats!

Words written: ~10,000
Words remaining: ~25,000
Projects worked on: 4 (Reaper Girl, Awaken Me, Soulfire, and Grave Touched)
Times wrist was a problem: 2
Times used voice recognition: 1
Times FINIS: 1 (Reaper Girl)
Chocolate consumption: 29 mentions total, 5 mentions of “a lot” or “too much,” 2 mentions of “none.” (!!!)
Music: Adam Lambert, In Flames, Def Leppard, Within Temptation, Goo Goo Dolls, The Fray, Device, Halestorm

Annnnd that’s it for this round. Thanks for visiting.

10 thoughts on “#ROW80 Final Check-in Round 2

  1. It sounds like you still got some work done (albeit not as much as you’d like!) despite everything life was throwing at you, and that in itself can be a huge accomplishment! Congrats! Here’s to hoping Round 3 brings even more great progress.

  2. Life has a tendency to show up and demand our attention when we’re already super occupied. You do what you can when that happens… as it sounds like you did. Keep writing, Erin. You’ll get there. Perhaps you’ll need to adjust some things, but you’ll get there.

  3. May the coming round be as productive as this one! 10,000 words? Not bad at all. How funny that we do forget to consider editing as a form of writing, especially because usually the editing results in words being taken away! Keep feeding that muse so she doesn’t gnaw away. Chocolate?

  4. Sounds like you did great – and working on multiple projects, too! I need to edit more and write less myself 🙂
    Love the fact that you track chocolate consumption!

  5. It sounds like great round, to me. Editing is a part of the picture, and if you did that with concentrated effort – well, word count be damned, you done good! =)

    I find that I can’t give myself to focused, intensive writing and revising at the same time. I tend to go in surges. After July CampNaNo, I’ll be looking forward to about 3 months of revisions. It’ll feel refreshing, as I refill the well for November.

    You may solid forward progress, and chocolate was involved. Sounds like a win to me (now, I just hope I get some of those dark chocolate covered goji berries before the kids exterminate the whole bag…they used to not like them, but tastes change!

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