#ROW80 Check-in 6/8/14 – Still no words

Yep, I still haven’t written anything. I have finished the Grave Touched reread, and I’m ready to dive back in. Might do that today if I can and feel up to it. I woke up to some pretty severe back pain and all I want to do is curl up (carefully) with one of my books and read.

I’ve started revising Reaper Girl. I can’t do anything major until I hear back from our editor, but I figured working on the smaller issues wouldn’t hurt and would help because the deadline for revisions is the 22nd, and I would like to have the small stuff done so all I need to worry about is the big stuff. Assuming there is more to revise, of course.

Also been working on my How To Write A Series coursework (a class given by Holly Lisle) and have been working on what’s going to become a series of novellas. (Hopefully. With my luck, they’ll grow to novels….) It has to do with ley lines, which I’m fascinated with, and people who solve crime using them. Should be fun to write.

No real stats this time as well. I hope to start working on Grave Touched again and I hope to have words to report. And chocolate consumption. I don’t think I’ve eaten very much since the last check-in. Not good, as I need my chocolate!

6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 6/8/14 – Still no words

  1. Editing progress is still progress, though I definitely understand that the lack of word output can be frustrating. Someone told me recently, that even though I am not writing sometimes, as long as the story is in your head your brain is working on it. I like that thought. Not that I want to rely on it totally, but it makes me feel better if I have a day or two without production.

    Hope your back feels better soon too.

  2. It’s hard to get the writing done when you aren’t feeling well. Hope the pain’s gone soon, if not already! I’ve taken several of Holly’s courses and they’re fantastic. I also signed up for the How to Write a Series one, but ended up not finishing my prior project, so it looks like I’ll be doing HTWAS later.

  3. Thanks, Jennette! I’m hoping to get back into the swing soon. And yeah, Holly’s courses are great. They are pretty much an auto-buy (or auto-join if it’s free) for me. I’m horribly behind on my HTWAS coursework. It’s great info…just a lot of it!

  4. Erin,

    I’m sending comforting thoughts to your back. My stories don’t require me to actually be writing them to evolve. My kids laugh when I tell them I’m going into the shower to write, but there’s something about that hot water on my head that breaks things loose and sets my imagination free…

    And revisions, reading, and resting are all important too!

    Maybe you need some chocolate to feel better? =)

  5. Thanks, Shan! I tend to get ideas in the shower, too! It’s pretty cool. I think chocolate could definitely make me feel better. *eyes chocolate ice cream* Hmmm.

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