#ROW80 Check-in 5/25/14 – Slow and steady

Happy early Memorial Day everyone!

I’ve been voice reccing but yesterday I decided to try to type again. I wrote 544 words and no twinges in the wrist. I’ll try again today sometime, but if it starts getting twinge-y again, it’s back to voice rec. I’m also dropping to 500 words a day for awhile. (Usually I just write as much as I can. In April, the goal was 1k a day and I wonder if that made things worse. But I have no regrets. It’s a great story).

Will probably continue with Soulfire. In June, I’ll be starting back up with Grave Touched. I hope to do a reread of the draft before then.

We have no real plans for the holiday. We’re having a BBQ next weekend instead — one of our family members wants his birthday party and BBQ. We figured two weeks in a row would kill us (and the calories, zomg!). So it’s business as usual tomorrow. Hubby and I are going to see Divergent. I just finished the first two books, and I’m working on the third. So far, so good. I love a good conspiracy. 😉


Words written: 544 words/6,424 words total
Words remaining: 28,576 words
What’s happening: Kyla is about to find out some very life-altering truths.
What’s next: The four sisters must convince her that everything they’re saying is true. Tough when they’re not even human.
Feeling: Not bad. Optimistic
Eye report: Great.
Chocolate consumption: Let’s see..several WW snacks, a few mini-Twix (ice cream) bars…
Mood music: In Flames

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