#ROW80 Check-in 4/27/14

Still revising. I’m very close to being done. Still stuck on the ending, though.

I decided to take out the memory loss part. It would be tough to resolve it in a satisfying manner without bloating the wordcount more. Soooo, there’s that.

Today I have decided to at least start the ending — get something written, good or bad. I’m running out of time. My muse does not like this.


Words written so far: 19,739 / LOL, less than 40 more words. Actually, I’ve cut some things and added a few others.
Words remaining: Just not going there!
What’s happening: The end. I hope.
What’s next: Being finished. I hope.
Eye report: Slightly twinge-y.
Feeling: Anxious to finish.
Chocolate consumption: None so far, but I’m sure that will change.

10 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 4/27/14

  1. Save the memory loss thing for the next project! You’re already ahead on that!

    It’d be nice if text editors kept track of the words removed as well as the ones added, wouldn’t it?

  2. I always struggle with endings, when writing (haven’t gotten to one in the editing phase yet, so I’ll have to let you know later…).

    Maybe chocolate is indicated, here? =)

  3. The good thing about endings is that technically they’re all downhill. The hard work is behind you. I’m sure you already know how it ends. Don’t sweat it. You can do it.

  4. It can be hard keeping track of word count during editing. A low word count doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. Good luck with your ending. I always seem to drag those out.

  5. I made the mistake of asking for a critique of the first few pages of my first draft. Now I’m a little “hung up” on editing-as-I-go, but I’ve learned I just have to write. The editing and rewriting has to come later. Congrats on getting to the stage where it is time to edit. Keep up the good work. Now I want chocolate, by the way. 😉

  6. Thanks. Chocolate cures many problems, doesn’t it? 😉 I also cannot edit as I go. I have to wait till revisions or I’ll get horrendously derailed. And, since I discover the story as I go, things may change drastically after I finish the rough draft and start the revision. No sense making it perfect at that stage. It seems to work for me.

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