#ROW80 Check-in 4/9/14

First check-in, whoohoooo! Things are going pretty well with Reaper Girl. Although I am a bit stumped as to what’s coming next. I’m a pantser, and when I had the idea for the part I’m currently writing, I was like, “That’s cool. Lots of character torture.” But, alas, no specifics as to what the torture was. But I trust my muse to let me know soon.

Total so far this round is 2,480 words. Oh, hell, let’s do some stats, shall we?


Words written on Reaper Girl: 9,098 total / 2,480 words since beginning of Round 2
Words remaining (Reaper Girl only): 902 words
What’s happening: The MC, Leliel, is undergoing a trial (torture) to get an audience with the King of the Underworld
What’s next: Something something something and then something.
Eye report: A-okay.
Feeling: A bit tired. But I’ll live.
Chocolate consumption: 2 snacks, both Weight Watchers friendly

Annnnnd I think that’s it for today.

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 4/9/14

  1. Something something something and then something…

    I love that, and, in my not-so-long-ago pantser days, that was me! =)

    Sounds like you’re off to a good start, and hooray for your eyes! =D

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