#ROW80 Check-in the Twenty-Third – with a bonus snippet!

Yeppers, I did it!  I made my second goal.  Kind of funny…I finished last night’s writing less than 200 words away from 40k. (!!!)  I was running short on time, and I (really!) didn’t have any more time.  So I promised myself I’d write at least 200 words today before posting this (usually I post first and write after).  So, I ended up writing 337 words.  And I hit 40k.

And the groundwork has now been laid.  Now the crap really hits the fan.  It’s gonna be awesome. 

ROW80 has been awesome experience.  I’ve met some wonderful people and I was able to keep focused and accountable, which is one of the best motivators for me.  Who’s in for Round 2?


Running total: 40,155 words
Words remaining: +5,155 words
Feeling: Triumphant and accomplished
Body count: Still 1 person possessed.
Eye report: Slightly twinge-y
Back report: A pain.  Looking into it tomorrow

And, a bonus!  A snippet of today’s work.  Please note that it’s unedited and rough.  But it’ll give you an idea of what I’m doing.  Ignore the wacky formatting — not sure how to fix that.

“Open your eyes,” Soren said. “Talk to me face to face. I want to know why you did it.”

A blast of light killed the darkness. I could see again!

My vision blurred in and out. Adjusting. Excitement filled me.

“Soren.” My lips moved. It was my voice. But it wasn’t me. “Soren, calm yourself. I cannot have you getting distressed.”

Soren was translucent, phasing in and out of corporeality. Oh, Soren. Didn’t he say something about being weakened when the Queen….?

Oh, [crap].

It was her. She was speaking through me!

But could I talk to Soren?

“Soren,” I said, and my voice echoed around me. I couldn’t talk too loud, or Ixania would know I was here. “Soren, it’s me. I’m still here.”

Soren didn’t react to this at all. He just seat there, wearing this horrible, devastated look that broke my heart into tiny little shards.

He couldn’t hear me. I was…mute.

“I am going to be distressed, Ixania. This is not what we agreed upon.”

“You had an agreement?” I asked, then shut up. He couldn’t hear me. Duh.

“Who is there?” Soren asked, looking around him. Had he heard me?

“No one is here but you and I,” Ixania said with my mouth and vocal chords.

“I thought I heard something.”

Ixania scoffed. “Nothing is here, dearest. Now, I know we had an agreement, but I had to…what is the word…improvise. Solstice did their job, preparing Miss Emily to be my Vessel. So it had to be done.”

“And it could not be anyone else?” Soren asked.

“Good question, Soren,” I murmured. I tried to move my hands, my feet, my head. It was like being paralyzed from the neck down — I had no sensations at all. I could hear and see, but that was about it.

I was a prisoner in my own body.

That scared me down to my bones.

How would I get out of this? Could I get out of this? Or was I stuck…forever?




2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in the Twenty-Third – with a bonus snippet!

  1. Erin,

    You rocked this! Hooray!!!! Now, I hope the doctor has good back news for you! =)

    Your excerpt is intriguing. I want more. =)

    I am definitely in for Round 2 – as a participant and a sponsor. I basically set all of my writing goals within the ROW80 framework. It’s a perfect vehicle for me.

    See you in a week or so!

  2. Thanks Shanjeniah! The news wasn’t unexpected. I’m just hoping it’s a simple problem and not a complicated one. Glad you’re intrigued by my snippet. 😀 And awesome that you’re in for Round 2. I think I may continue beyond round 2, myself. Seems to be working well.

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