#ROW80 Check-in the Nineteenth – made my goal, yay!

I am happy and proud to say that today I’ve made my goal of 35k!  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it at times, to be honest, but I did!

Story-wise, things are getting positively bizarre for my poor characters.  Not only do they have some freaky weather (which is oddly paralleling our weather here in Michigan — no, that wasn’t planned) to contend with, but several of them think they are losing their minds.  The doctor has unearthed an anomaly in one of the MC’s brain waves, but the MC is convinced it is more…supernatural.  Yeah, look out.  It’s gonna be a bumpy ride for sure.

I’m going to continue on and see if I can hit 40k.  If I don’t, that’s okay, but I could use the incentive.

I’m really, really happy I gave ROW80 a try.  It is wonderful for keeping me moving and accountable.  Sometimes the prospect of not hitting 35k is what kept me writing.  Because I *hate* to lose a challenge.  Wrist is a bit twinge-y, so I may take a day or two off to rest it.


Running total: 35,336 words (!!!)
Words remaining: +336 words
Body count: Two characters have been possessed.  Both are okay — for now. 😉
Feeling: Victorious!  Proud! Awesome!
Eye report: Twinge-y
Back report: Slightly better but still a pain (ha!).


9 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in the Nineteenth – made my goal, yay!

  1. Erin,

    WAHOO! Hooray for you!

    *tosses confetti; lifts coffee mug in salute!*

    Way to go. And those darn brain waves…that happens to my characters too, sometimes…

    I’m cheering you on to 40K – you can do it! =)

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