#ROW80 Check-in the Seventeenth – Moving along

Working still a bit slowly, but I’ve been working hard at it and I have a plan for the next few scenes. Getting up to the first big thing and frankly, I can’t wait. This is where the crap hits the fan.

I’ve been fighting back issues, eye issues, and fatigue these past few days. I’ve been working at less the 100% and it shows in my progress. I’ve decided to try harder. Because this book needs to written. (And I am so damn close to 35k I can taste it!)

(I’ve also discovered HDR photography — stay tuned for updates on that. I want to start shooting immediately, but need to check both my main cameras to see if they’ll work. But the images are stunning. You’ll see.)

Running total: 28,518 words
Words remaining: 6,482 words (SO CLOSE!)
Body count: Possession is imminent. La, la, la.
Feeling: Yucky.
Eye report: Hurting, but no loopy pills are required tonight.
Back report: Twinge-y. Took motrin with dinner, hoping it does the trick.

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in the Seventeenth – Moving along

  1. Eyes! What would we writers do without them? I hope you’re doing all you can to protect your peepers. Warm compress? Typing away on your word processor with your eyes closed (that helps me — especially when I’m drafting). Loopy pills do not sound like fun. Have you looked into Dragon Speak? That program allows you to speak rather than type (again, eyes off the computer screen). Also I read on Kindle more often now to avoid the fine print (sigh) of ‘real’ books. But all this pales before this ROW80 update which shows good progress overall and tenacity to reach your goal.

  2. Hi Beth! I have used Dragon Naturally Speaking in the past when my wrist tendonitis flares up. The problem is the headset gives me headaches. 😦 So I only use it when there’s no other option. (Although I believe there might be a headset out there that’s not as bulky. Still researching that). Thanks for your encouragement and support.

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