#ROW80 Check-in the Sixteenth – Slow progress

Here we are again! Well, I haven’t been feeling the best — I hurt my back on Tuesday and my eye pain has been worse than usual. So I’ve been struggling with having enough brainz to write, let alone get a lot written, which was my goal. Ugh. Sometimes my body works against me.

But I have made some progress, which is better than none. I have a direction for Grave Touched — I was a bit stuck last night. I also have an idea of a first scene for Soulfire, so as soon as I feel up to it, I’m going to write it. I was going to start it yesterday, but decided against it.

I also worked on getting my Fey Touched manuscript (I just love using that word! It’s so writerly!) formatted for Smashwords, something that’s been on my to-do list forever. Due to mistake, I ended up stripping all my italics out of the file. And since the bulk of it was already formatted, I didn’t want to start from scratch. I’m still learning. So last night I began the fun, monotonous process of italicizing each word that needed it, one at a time. I’m about 40 manuscript pages in (about 70 pages if you’re using the finished book). I got a bit distracted reading it — it’s been 2 years since I self-pubbed it, and it was fun to get back into the story again. I still love it madly. So that’s happening. I’ll be putting it up on Smashwords at a discounted price, so stay tuned.

Here’s hoping for more progress this week.

Running total: 25,925 words
Words remaining: 9,075 words (under 10k! Yay!)
Body count: Someone’s about to get possessed. *evil grin*
Feeling: A touch better than yesterday which is good.
Eye report: Very painful lately, but at the moment is just a little twinge-y. Hope it stays that way!

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in the Sixteenth – Slow progress

  1. Being able to go back to a story you haven’t seen in two years and still finding yourself in love with it is a great sign, Erin. Sounds like the italics error might have been a blessing in disguise.

    Though it’s probably a bit rough on the eyes. Keep well and enjoying the progress.

  2. Thanks Eden! It is a great sign – I wrote the book in a sort of trance state in less than nine months, the fastest I’ve ever written and revised a novel. Thanks for your encouragement!

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