Year of No Fear: 2014 Manifesto – January Progress Report

A lot has happened since I sat down and made the decision to do this Year of No Fear thing. So far, my progress has been slow. I hit a few bumps in the road that made it necessary to put a few things on hold. I took a bad fall at work which messed me up for awhile. And then as soon as I began feeling better, I got bronchitis, which I’m just now getting over. Ye Gods.

The biggest thing I did in January was ICE SKATING. Several times, in fact. Hubby and I have decided to make this a year-long endeavor. I haven’t fallen (yet) but it’s been so much fun that I almost don’t care. And the feeling of conquering that fear? I can’t even describe it. It was a rush, ecstasy, heaven on Earth.

On to the little things:

~Been thinking about writing more poetry. Would like to. Being that it’s been awhile (a few years at least, I think), I have to approach this slowly.
~Been discussing dyeing my hair with my family — not that I need approval or anything. I need help, as my hair is really long. Looking to get someone to commit to this so I can DO IT.
~Brainstorming an erotica short story/novella/something. All I know right now is that it’s gonna be female/female and will involve cat shapeshifters. That’s it for now.
~REAL diet – yeah, working up to this slowly. I’m integrating more veggies into my meals and have been trying to decrease my portion amounts. As for the junk food, still working on eating less. (Baby steps).
~Photography – my planned photo shoot has been put on hold due to this bitterly cold weather. Am considering other possibilities that I can do at home. I haven’t felt up to self-portraits yet, but it’s simmering.
~Grave Touched Rewrite – this puppy is moving slower than sludge. I know why – my muse/subconscious doesn’t wanna do the same work AND yes, I am afraid to f**k it up again. Working on getting over it.
~Goal A – off the table for reasons beyond my control. Still possible for the future, though.
~Positive thinking, etc – Working very hard toward this. Making moderate progress.

So, yeah, it’s happening, just SLOWLY. But any progress is better than none, right?

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