#ROW80 Check-in the Seventh

Feeling some better, but not 100%. I was able to get some work done last night. However, my muse is being uncooperative about this. I can’t get her/my subconscious/whatever to get excited about this project. I think some of it is due to some other things that are depressing me, and being sick and having medication issues isn’t helping matters. I’m hoping I can snap out of it and make some great progress soon.

(I may have to resort to a trick I use when everything I can throw at my muse doesn’t work. I pretend that I’m just goofing off. I use Notepad, and I write in a different tense. This somehow tells my muse that it’s okay. It’s playtime, not Serious Writing. Stay tuned. May need to do that.)


Running total: 9,337 words/ Update: 9,886 words
Words remaining: 65,663/Update: 65,114 words
Body count: Still alive and breathing. For now. 😉
Feeling: frustrated/Update: A bit better.
Eye report: Not too bad, but that remains to be seen — I’ve had to start lowering my nerve pain medication dose. (It needs to be done).

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