#ROW80 Check-in the Fifth

I admit it — I’ve done nothing since my last check in. I’m still feeling crappy, mostly the flu I think. Today I went into work for the first time since the fall, and it wore me right out (the job is exhausting when I’m feeling good. Feeling like I do right now? Just…I feel like my brain and body has been put through a blender. Ten times). So, I got the fun experience of piles upon piles of paperwork go through. Lucky me. But I’m getting there, slowly.

Still having headaches, still dizzy (although my Dayquil might be to blame for that), aches and pains and fuzzy head. I would have stayed home today, but it would just be worse, so I went in.

Stats from the last check-in (ouch):

Running total: 7,809 words
Words remaining: 67,191
Body count: I think I might be dead. 😦
Feeling: like I slammed my head into a wall and got the flu. Fun times.
Eye report: Surprisingly okay. It’s my brainbox that’s the problem.

I hope to have something to report on Sunday.


6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in the Fifth

  1. Yeah, the flu really set me back, as well. I came down with it on New Year’s Eve and I’m still coughing a little bit. I’ve only just gotten back into my writing projects and I’m really struggling to make my deadline as a result. Hope you’re feeling up to snuff soon!

  2. The flu is hitting a lot of people. Step back, count it as a momentary setback (in the grand scheme of a “writer’s life” it is after all), and after giving yourself slighter goals for a few days, get back to writing next week. Remember that you’re trying to run a marathon, not a sprint

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