ROW80 Check-In the First

Well, I’ve gotten off to a very slow start.  I’m not sure what exactly happened — when I sat down and started writing, it just…wasn’t…working.  I wrote a total of 357 words before I ran out of time.  Le sigh.

I am, however, counting the “processed” words from the first scene, even though I didn’t rewrite them completely.  I did more of an editing/tweaky pass, then began a new scene which ended up being that 357 words.  In total, it’s 1,332 words. 

Since this is a rewrite, I’m experiencing the Rewrite Terrors* and I need to get past them.  I’ve done this before, several times, so I know I can beat it.  Starting is always the hardest part.

I hope to have better numbers at the next check-in.

Running total: 1,332 words
Words remaining: 73,668 words
Feeling: wangsty
Eye report: Twinge-y with a slight chance of migraine.

*Rewrite Terrors: the paralyzing fear of screwing up your book worse in rewrite.

2 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In the First

  1. Starting definitely is he hardest part. Sounds like you know what is holding you up; that’s half the battle. Best to you this round.

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