Nano days 8 & 9: 1,530 words

Slow going here.  Been stressing out about some things and my wrist was hurting last night, so both days were low wordcount days.  That’s okay, there’s still time to catch up.  And since I’m not about 50k anymore, it’s okay.  Totally okay.

Some interesting things happening storywise.  I’m very excited about the possibilities.

Stats (both days combined):

Wordcount today: 1,530
Total for Nano so far: 9,006
Words left: 20,994
Treat: Chocolate pudding, yum.
Nick is: being held captive by Piper
Asha is: still freaked like whoa
Emily is: Terrified and excited to get her sight back
Mood music: Adam Lambert (Trespassing) – technically, his music, while I love it madly, is too upbeat for this story, but last night I had an urge for his music.


Emily is seeing Soren for the first time (she was blind and now can see)….

Soren cleared his throat, and I finally got my first look of him.
He was…an angel.  Wingless, but no less ethereal and beautiful, with white hair pulled into a braid that tumbled down his back.  Eyes that were black as night and held streaks of silver.  Long, elegant fingers.  A simple robe that reminded me of clergymen.
But his eyes…breathtakingly beautiful.  It was as if I could look into them and see eternity.  See the shifts of space and time, see civilizations being built and dying.  I could see my entire life in his eyes, and never get tired of it.  I could see the universe, the world, the fragile light of a soul.  Mana, as we Hunters called it.
It was all there in his eyes.

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