Nano Day 2: 1,650 words

I did better than I thought, and the scene just flew.  Kinda of petered out at the end, but that’s okay.  I’ll figure it out.  Draft total is just shy of 28k.


Wordcount today: 1,650
Total for Nano so far: 2,966
Words left: 27,034
Treat: Halloween KitKats
Nick is: still in the twilight zone
Asha is: terrified
Emily is: still very, very scared
Mood music: Xandria
Favorite lines:

“Are they working you to death?” she asked, her lips quirking in an almost-smile.  The smile faded around the edges.  “That was a joke. You know, death?  We can’t die.”

I knew that, but I wasn’t in the mood for jokes.  “I’ve been seeing things and I might become a vessel to some dead entity that wants to have a body.”  It all came out as one, very rushed sentence, and when I was done, I let out a huff of air.

I hadn’t meant to bring it up that way.  I wanted to ease into it, massage it a bit, but shit – it just came out.

Fallon’s mouth formed an oh of surprise – or maybe horror.  Not sure.  “Um, care to repeat that slower this time?  These drugs make me slow and stupid.”


I love having Fallon back.  Now, to get her back to hunting…

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