Nano day 1: 1,316 words

A good start, all in all.  I wrote 316 over quota, which is great.  I always like to have a buffer in case I have some bad days.  I am not going for 50k.  I will instead be going for 30k on Grave Touched, which should bring me to around 60k at the end of the month.

Here are some stats:

Wordcount today: 1,316
Words left: 28,684
Treat: Hersey’s Drops
Nick is: in the twilight zone
Asha is: freaked the hell out, and it’s about to get worse
Emily is: very, very scared
Favorite line:

And maybe I’d stop having the dreams.

A place of utter shadow, skeletons walking, feeding on blood.  A city in ruin; desolate.  Darkness curling around me, weaving between my toes and fingers.  My skin gray and dull.  My eyes just empty sockets.

My heart gone, buried in a deep grave, untouched and dead.

Obviously, I was scared to get my sight back.  But it felt too real, too…right.  How screwed up was that?

I was the Queen of Darkness.  I was the one who brought the dark, the desolation.  I belonged in a grave deep below the world.

I was not sane.

How’d you do for day 1?  Feel free to share in comments.

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