Sample Sunday: Fey Touched

Thought I’d share a short snippet of Fey Touched, my most recent release.


Saoirse,” Joe said from the doorway.

Just then something slammed into me, knocking me to the ground. Disoriented, I tried to stand. Tried to make sense of everything.

“Oh, no, you bastard!” Joe. Footsteps coming toward me. A punch thrown. A grunt.

The world was spinning. Joe was fighting someone dressed in black.

Oh, no. They’ve found me again.

I forced myself to stand on shaking legs, trying to tune in to what was happening. I hoped Joe was holding his own.

It didn’t look that way.

The Fey assassin slashed and attacked in a flurry of movement. Joe threw several punches in quick succession, knocking the assassin back, but it didn’t seem to faze him. The assassin just kept on going. Like the damn Energizer Bunny.

Attacks and parries filled my vision. Blood seeped out of wounds. It was like watching the end of the world. And that didn’t feel very fine.

The Fey assassin had Joe pinned to the ground, a dagger at his throat.

My heart nearly stopped in my chest. “Joe!”

Just then, Joe bucked wildly, trying to shake the assassin off. The assassin crashed to the ground, spewing curses.

Joe pinned him to the ground, stake at the ready. “Don’t you know that if you meet a Hunter, your death is imminent?”

If this intrigues you, and you want to read more, check out The first three chapters are there.

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