Review: Gray Moon Rising by SM Reine

Before I start the review, I just wanted to mention that I have a cover reveal coming for Fey Touched.  So stay tuned.

I’ve never ended a series before, so I can’t say for certain what it’s like.  But I imagine it would be difficult — not only to wrap up everything in a satisfying manner, but to give your characters and world an unforgettable send-off.  I imagine it’s hard to say goodbye to the characters that have lived in your head for a year, sometimes longer (well, if you’re me….).

SM Reine nailed it with Gray Moon Rising.  She not only wrapped everything up, but she gave us a truly epic end to her amazing Seasons of the Moon series.

This is a spoiler-free review, so I can’t get into too much detail.  What I can say is that everything — and I mean everything — heats up and explodes.  In a good way, of course.

There’s a mystery as to why the wolves are called to specific location.  If you’ve read the other books, it will be very familiar.  But it’s a bit darker this go around (and the other books are very dark) and poor Rylie and Seth have their hands full dealing with the hunters.  There’s a madperson on the loose, which threatens everything.  There’s the reason why they’re called and what results.  Rylie plays a big role in this, and what happens to her is amazing.

The mythology and worldbuilding in this series is very unique and cool, which makes this series different from what’s out there.

*Possible spoilers below* (I couldn’t help myself)

Rylie and Seth get their HEA.  My only quibble is Abel — it appeared that SM Reine had a possible love triangle going on.  That got me excited, because I’m a huge fan of character torture.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  I suppose it might have taken away from the main action, so I forgive her for that. *winks*

*End possible spoilers*

The story was amazing.  I mean, she kept ramping up the tension until I couldn’t STOP reading.  I was incapable of stopping.

As for the endend,it was great, satisfying, and happy.  I will miss Rylie, Seth, and Abel.  I’ll miss them a lot.  But it’s time they got their happily ever after.

Thanks, Sara, for bringing these incredible stories and characters into our lives.  We’ll never forget them.

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