Missing: One Muse

I’ve got a big problem.  My muse has up and disappeared.  I’ve been working on stuff for Darklight, waiting to start until I felt like I had enough done, and I  feel that I do.  Except my muse has been absent.  And I’m getting to the point where I need to either start this thing or go off in another direction.

Darklight hits a lot of my buttons: conspiracy, the dark side, mind control, an alternate reality, memory loss, possession, a dead goddess, love between enemies to name a few.  So I’m jazzed about this.  I’ve even got a hint of a voice for the main character.  I have an idea of the first scene and the 3 “disasters” that will help move the plot forward.  I’m struggling with finding the right name for my MC. I need to have it at least sorta right before I start, or it won’t work.  (Survivor, oddly enough, is the exception.  I slapped two names out of thin air for the twin MCs and they grew into their names).  This feels really important to me.  I’ve gone through so many names: Tempest, Dasia, Annalisse, Terlyn, Emiliana, Elizabeth, and now Ellia.  I think Ellia might be it, but I’m going to let that settle a bit before making the decision.  It’s like naming a baby: it needs to be right.  It needs to invoke what I need to invoke.  As an aside, I am using the name Tempest for another character, and it fits perfectly.  I’m also considering Velia.  There’s a cool meaning there that I can’t quite remember, but I do remember when I read up on it, something clicked.

As for my muse…well, I suspect she’s feeling a little intimidated.  This would be my first serious foray into the horror genre and if I offer it up to Turtleduck Press, I’m going to have a tight deadline.  I believe I can do it, but it’s a bit scary nonetheless.  But I need the practice writing to a deadline so I think it would be good for me.  If I can just start the thing.

So I’ve decided that if she doesn’t come back by the end of this weekend, I’m using brute force.  Gonna put whatever on the page.  She’ll want to poke at it, and that should get her interested.

But if you see her laying on a beach sipping pina coladas, tell her that she’s urgently needed.  I need her back like yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Missing: One Muse

  1. Erin,
    I think if you just “show up,” like in the August NaNo starting on Monday, your muse will start poking around, like you said. No need to use brute force. Just begin putting words on the page, even if you don’t feel like they are inspired. She will feel the pull, and she will come.

    Maybe this is a bad analogy, but Lucy can be very stubborn. I don’t know if you saw my FB post about how I had to trick her into going potty by using a toy to lure her back into the backyard (she’s suddenly afraid or averse to going there and will pull very hard back on the leash; has even popped her little head out of the collar!). If you make like it’s not a big deal….that writing this horror novel is “fun” for you (you can pretend…fake it til you make it)…I guarantee she’ll want some o’ that. Good luck and I’ll see you on the NaNo boards. 😉

    love and hugs,

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