Review: Quarter Square by David Bridger

Quarter Square, a hauntingly beautiful story by David Bridger, releases today from Carina Press.

I was able to read the first 3 chapters some time ago, and the story hasn’t left me alone since.  I’ve been waiting patiently for it to be published, and now it has been, and I’m so happy for David.  He’s a friend of mine from Forward Motion, an online writing community, and I think he’s a wonderful writer.  Quarter Square does not disappoint.

We meet our protagonist, Joe, as he learns that his wife has been sleeping with his best friend.  Joe moves into the abandoned theatre that his best friend purchased and decides to renovate it.  He notices people coming and going through a mysterious doorway, and one day he decides to follow them.  Here he discovers Quarter Square, a magical community of people who spend time together.  They, too, are magical and can do many cool things.  There are dancers, singers, healers…and their community is in trouble.  It is literally falling apart without the necessary magic to repair it.

Joe spends time with these people and over time, becomes one of them.  He is especially interested in Min, a singer, and they have a connection.  A very strong, very tragic one.  It’s awesome how he starts from being an outsider to becoming one of them.

And Joe’s life is in danger.  A werewolf is hunting him.  And he will die if he doesn’t run….

Trying not to give spoilers.  I found Quarter Square to be a beautiful love story.  The love that Joe and Min have for each other is timeless and stronger than life itself.  It’s everything true love should be.  It’s touching and heartbreaking at the same time.

Our antagonist, a werewolf, is scary as hell.  He’s hunting Joe and Min, and they have to take drastic measures to keep themselves hidden.  I won’t say why, but it will make sense.

I love the magic system in this book.  It’s simple and easy to understand.  It makes me wonder if these could be people in our world — it’s that real.  It’s really beautiful and dangit, I wish I could go to Quarter Square.

So, I loved it.  It ended on a sort of cliffhanger, so be warned.  There is a sequel coming, thank God.  I can’t wait to read it.

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