Working hard or hardly working?

I guess it’s a matter of perspective.  I’ve made some great progress on Pirouette.  I’m up to page 107 (of around 281) but that’s a bit deceptive because I ripped out 3 scenes and replaced them with one new one.  I’ve had a few missteps, but I think I have it nailed.  What’s going to be a challenge is integrating the new stuff into the old stuff.  While watching my ever-growing wordcount as well.  I always tend to write long when drafting.  I still have quite a few scenes to cut, but I’m still nervous.

I also have been brainstorming a new idea which might end up being a future Turtleduck Press book.  That’s right.  The explanation is long and complicated, so I’ll just say this: I want to experiment with this and see where it goes.  I’m still looking to publish traditionally and that’s still the goal, but this could be something, too.  I believe in being open to all opportunities.  Anyhoo, it’s tentatively called Darklight, and all I know for sure is that there will be witches and doppelgangers.  I’m leaning towards horror/paranormal, but I really don’t know.  It’s still up in the air right now.

So, that’s what’s been going on.  I might poke at the Flamebound revision this weekend with my pokey stick of doom.  It’s occurred to me that June is only a few days away and it means that almost half the year has gone by.  Which means that I need to hustle.  And work faster while not sacrificing quality.  That’s the whole point of this.  To make these existing manuscripts better, not let them just languish. And hopefully submit them somewhere.

So, I will enjoy my three-day weekend and I’ll see how much I can get done.  Hopefully a lot.

2 thoughts on “Working hard or hardly working?

  1. I know what you mean. That’s my goal, too: to make my existing manuscripts better. Too many times have I ended up starting a new project right when I get stuck on revision. This time, I’m using my excitement about a new project as the incentive to get the revisions done. Or at least one of them.

    The progress on Pirouette looks pretty good to me, especially considering the way you cut out the three scenes and replaced them with just one. Oh, and witches and doppelgangers are just cool!

    1. Yep, I’ve been doing that for a long time. Setting aside a project that needs revision for a totally new project. Once I finish drafting it, the cycle begins again.

      So, yeah. I need to get this revision done. I like the idea of using the new project as an incentive to finish your current one.

      Thanks on your support on Pirouette. Sometimes I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels.

      And witches and doppelgangers FTW!


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