Muse Fail

It was slow at work, so I brainstormed some ideas on how to condense the first few scenes of Pirouette the Third.  Because, yanno, it’s at minimum 21k too long.  So my muse gave me this idea, and I thought about it most of the day.  Sat down to write it and BAM.  Stone. Walled.  I was able to eke out a pitiful 44 words (and half of that came from PR3) and then… just died on the vine.  Why?  I have no idea.  I haven’t been feeling 100% today, but not so much that it interferes with my writing (says the Inner Slave Driver with a crack of her famous whip) so I’m mystified.

My only guess is that the idea has to simmer a bit more.  The imagery just wouldn’t come.  Yeah, Alisia is dancing, but to what music?  Where is she (in her practice studio at home)? What is she feeling?  What are her feet doing?  Her arms?  And how am I going to introduce the ghost?  While I’m pretty good at making shit up on the fly, this one just wouldn’t happen.  Soooooo muse, you fail me.

As for Broken, I managed 275 words today.  Those were hard won.  I don’t know what it is about today.  Just can’t get into the groove.  Oh well, made my minimum (200 words) so tomorrow’s another day.

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