77k and rolling along!

I’ve been working hard on Pirouette the Third, after bashing my writer’s block into itty bitty little pieces.  I’m almost 2/3rds of the way through.  I think the bulk of the work is done, but the last third does need some rewriting.  I’m going to try to finish it by the end of March (would be a nice birthday present) and then hopefully start the revision.  In between all of that, I’d also like to work on Broken.  I have a bunch of ideas and scenes and I really want to work on it, but I left off in a weird spot, and Pirouette the Third is the priority. 

The family drama is just now starting to end, and I’m thankful for that.  I’m still feeling a bit off kilter, and work has been brutal on me this week.  I just don’t feel right.  It’s not that I’m sick or anything.  It’s just the same old thing, day after day after day, and I suspect I need a vacation.  Which isn’t till the end of June, unless I take a week off in between…..

Holly Lisle’s HTRYN class has been invaluable for spotting possible problems with Pirouette the Third.  Once I officially start, I anticipate that it will really help get this draft closer to submittable.  I still want to try to submit something this year.  Might end up being Flamebound after I revise and expand it.  I’m not sure.  I just wish I could work faster.  And this is with me writing every day, with the occasional day off.  I’m building back the habit again, and it feels really good.

Also been thinking about Darkweaver.  Might slot that in later on in the year.  As if I need any more projects!

Another thing is that I’ve been pretty successful at working on different projects at the same time.  Granted, they are all in different stages, but still.  It works because I compartmentalize everything.  Like, there’s a spot for Broken, and Flamebound, and Pirouette the Third.  They don’t touch each other, and everything related to each stays in its own place.  There’s never any bleed-through or confusion.  I’m just smart like that. 😉  But really, it’s the same reason why I can read multiple books at the same time.  It’s the same thing.  I never get confused.  It just…works.

I think the human mind is incredible, which is why I wish I could have pursued neurology. Oh well.  Guess it wasn’t in the cards.  Being a writer is thrilling enough for me any day.

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