Halfway there!

I just hit the 60k mark on Pirouette the Third.  I feel pretty damned good about that.  I seem to be falling into a pattern of writing and then revising/rewriting the current scene.  Which is odd because usuallywhen I’m drafting, I can’t do that at all.  It derails me.  And this is all new material.  But it’s one pass — I don’t go back after that.  I won’t until I start editing.  It just feels different to me than just first draft.  Maybe because this particular story has been through going on 3 drafts and to date 6 passes total.  I expect that that number will decrease as I get better at revision.

Now I gotta figure out how I want the rest to play out.  I’ve been adding new stuff here and there and twining it in with the old.  So far, I know that I’ll need to look at the entere thing once it’s done to see the entire story arc and such.  Right now, I’m just getting the words down, and reworking older material and putting it into a semi-coherent order.  It is all subject to change.

As for my other projects…the Flamebound revision is going pretty slow, which is okay, as it’s all new and it’s quite alot of work.  I’m good with that.  This method so far looks really good and thorough. 

Unforgiven is being retitled to Broken.  Why, you ask?  Well….while Unforgiven expresses the core theme of the story, Broken seems more fitting.  Maybe it’s because the main character, like me, feels broken.  And there’s a song called “Broken” by Lifehouse that really fits this.  It’s going in an interesting direction.  I think, if I do this one right, it could be really cool.

So that’s the skinny on my progress so far.

Last year I wrote 85,306 words.  Which isn’t bad as the bulk of last year was spent editing and revising.

2 thoughts on “Halfway there!

  1. Thanks! I like to keep track to see how I’m doing year to year. This wasn’t my most prolific year, but not bad considering I was editing/revising through most of it. Yeah, would be interesting to see how many words get thrown out. With Pirouette, I trashed about 50k initially. We’ll see what the total figure is once I’m done. 😉


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