Pirouette Revision, take 2.

I’m up to 89 pages (of 482) and it is going well.  I’m feeling pretty good about this.  I hope to finish (or be close to finishing) by the end of the month.  Then it’s type-in time.

I’m confident that the changes I’ll be making will make it even better.  And one more step closer to the submitting process.

I also submitted Life as a Moving Target. Wish me luck.  Am considering putting together another chapbook for another publisher.  I need 60 pages minimum and the deadline is in mid-March.  It would be cool to have my stuff out there again.  It’s been too long.

2 thoughts on “Pirouette Revision, take 2.

  1. I hope things turn out well with the submission.

    Congrats on the revision progress. Any chance I could read it come summer?

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