496 pages!

91% finished.  It feels great.  Of course, while doing my pages last night, I realized that I’d  left out one very important part of the story towards the end.  So that will need to be seeded in.

Also, I’ve been getting lax in my determining what scenes stay and what scenes go.  I was going to take this one out, then decided not to upon re-reading.  Then, last night in the shower, I had an epiphany: the scene in question doesn’t relate to the main plot at all.  I’d only included it because I felt soe follow-up was required.  But no — the other character in the scene doesn’t reappear at all after the scene in question.  I’m also considering changing the way this character and the protagonist, Alisia, relate to each other.  Trying to wrap my head around that one.

Gonna cut some more scenes.  Being brutal.  I also need the wordcount to go down, so if there are any more scenes that aren’t pulling their weight, they go.   I’m reading that now 120k, which was my target length, might still be too long.  Not good.  But hey, at least it’ll be tighter for it.

So that’s where we stand today.  Few more days and I’ll be wrapping it up.  Soooo exciting.  Still struggling with the query, though.

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