295 pages down.

I’m about 60% finished with the revision.  I’ve been having some crisis of faith lately.  Like, how am I really doing?  Is it any better, or, God forbid, is it worse?  And what about the scenes I cut?  The scenes I’ve revised and rewritten look pretty good, so I’m not as concerned about that.  But, it still niggles at me.

Been doing ALOT of research on agents.  I have 7 so far on my list, and I’m reading 3 agent blogs to stay on top of things.  Granted, Pirouette might not be ready for a while yet, but I want to be prepared so I can get it out the door as soon as possible after it’s finished.  I just hope that I can make this happen.  I’m willing to work my patootie off.  I’ve spent the past 18 days working on the revision, every day except one, and on some days, that’s all I do when I come home from work.  But that’s okay.  I want this, and it will be worth it.

Another project I’d like to get out the door is Life as a Moving Target, my poetry chapbook.  There are a few contests with late March deadlines.  In February I’ll take a look at the manuscript and do edits, and add in the 2 poems I wrote late last year, and send it off. 

I also just started my first b&w project (photography) in probably forever.  Even used my older automatic film camera.  I’m very old school about it sometimes.  There’s nothing like darkroom, and actually shooting on film.  I love digital, but that to me comes first.

And along with that is my 2009 website revamp.  To include a writing website off the main one.  I think it’s time I expand it more.  In preparation for the agent hunt and all that.  😉

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