In the bag!

Yesterday, I hit the finish line on Nano with 50,078 words.  I am so happy to have done this — both the experience and making my 50k.  I was really worried in the beginning that I wouldn’t, because the voice rec was taking longer than typing.  Oddly enough, I was able to type more than voice rec.

Story-wise, it’s not over yet.  Johanna and Luke, the two main characters, have made a journey to the Void, where they will learn where Luke’s ancestral parents are.  They need answers to one very important question.  Only problem is, upon leaving, they won’t remember any of it.  Yes, I am evil.

My plan of attack is to continue working on Hereafter at a slower pace through December.  I estimate about 40k remains.  I still have to get to the meat of the conspiracy issue.  That’s one of things I really liked about this story — the conspiracy and what it means.  Also what Johanna really is — she’s not entirely human.  😉

Also, Flamebound needs an ending, so that’s happening soon, too.  And of course, the Pirouette edit needs to be completed.  So, I have enough to keep me busy through December.  Been toying with the idea of doing NanoFiMo in December — National Novel Finishing Month.  I did it last in 2005, and managed to not complete Pirouette’s first draft, true to form.

Another thing is that Hereafter has changed considerably from its outline.  The core of it remains the same — the love story and the conspiracy — but my way of getting there was different.  I hit upon the right plot points, but I twisted it all around.  And added a new character and a serious obstacle for the lovebirds. 

I tend to change things as I go — an outline is merely a guide, not an absolute, for me.  Usually on the fly things come to me and others reveal themselves.  And sometimes I will choose to take the scenic route instead of the highway.  But the end result is usually the same.

For me, that’s part of the fun: discovering the true story as it is revealed to me.  Without this, it just wuldn’t be as fun.  That’s why if you were to ask me if I’m a plotter or pantser, I’d tell you that I’m a hybrid of both.  I need my roadmap, but I also need to leave enough wiggle room to take the scenic route.

It’s a very odd process, but it works for me.  🙂

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