The End of Everything

Endings are tough for me.  I’ve been working on Flamebound’s ending for about a week, and just yesterday I had a breakthrough.
Usually, I have an idea of how I want to end a book; sometimes it’s very specific.  And sometimes it’s a bit nebulous, a glimmer of something there, but nothing definite.  That’s okay.  Until I get to the actual end.  Then, things get a bit hairy.
Alot of my endings have morphed and changed as the story went on — since I’m a hybrid plotter/pantser, I’m okay with changing stuffs. 
But sometimes–rarely–I’m totally stumped.
SPOILER for Flamebound follows!
I knew all along that Adrian and Diana were going to combine their flame and kill the Queen using it.  But how do they get there?  I wrote two scenes and stalled out. I’m convinced that they suck and must die.  So I set out to replot the ending scenes. END spoiler!
Strangely enough, it was a combination of things that worked: Holly Lisle’s Create a Plot Clinic (timed freewriting) and Queensryche.  Flamebound, at its heart, was based on the song “Take Hold of the Flame.”  It’s my literary interpretation of it.  ; )  And as I freewrote last nght, I played “No Santuary” which is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs off the Warning album.  And things were rough for a bit, but something clicked.  Something really old pinged my brain, and I had it.  I think this is it.  😀  This will be the 2nd time I’ve rewritten the end.
Bit of history: Flamebound was only supposed to be a novella — 15k.  That’s it.  First draft was 28k, and never ended, b/c I decided it needed to be rewritten and condensed.  Enter draft 2, which lasted maybe 5k.  When I decided yet again to scrap it.  The third draft is what I’m working on now, and I’m determined to finish it AND be done by November b/c I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year!
Draft one started on 8.26.08.  I was on vacation.
Draft two who knows?
Draft three: 9.23.08
It would be cool to finish on the 23rd.  Or the 26th, for symmetry and all that.
I believe this story is strong.  Trying to keep to the wordcount is a bear, but I figure it’s practice.  😉 And there’s always snipsnip…..
What’s next?  NaNo!  Stay tuned.

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