The rewrite of the ending of Flamebound is going well.  I only wrote 350 words, but it’s ok.  Hopefully tonight I can pound some more out.
NaNo plans!
I’m writing a comedy/mystery/horror crossover called Hereafter.  It’s about this girl who dies and ends up trapped in Hell, except that Hell is an adminstrative office for the Record of Sins and she can see things others can’t.  There’s a conspiracy.  Some evil people.  Incubus twins.  Romance.  And….funny stuff.
Those who know me know that I’m a very dark, serious kind of person.  I do joke around, and when I do, it’s cool, but I’ve always sat on the side of seriousness.  I’ve been accused of having no sense of humor.  Soooooo it’s highly questionnable that I can pull off a comedy, but my crazy muse pointed out that I can be funny — when I stop censoring everything that comes out of my mouth.  So we’ll see.  If the comedy thing doesn’t work, no big.  But I think it would be great fun.
I’m also looking to spread my wings a bit, try something new.  I’ve written dark stuffs for a long time.  I want something a bit more lighthearted and fun.  Again, questionnable on the Pull Off Scale, but I will try!
I originally wasn’t going to do NaNo, due to the sheer number of unfinished projects I’ve got clamoring for my attention.  But NaNo comes once a year, and I look forward to it like Christmas.  I missed it last year, because of the Rewrite of Doom, but hell, I can spare 30 days.  Especially if it’s fun, because lately I’ve been a ball of stress.
The plan through the end of the year:
~Finish Flamebound, preferably before NaNo
~Get FB critted/beta’d, start on next draft
~NaNo: work on Hereafter
~Either do NaNoFimo and finish Hereafter OR finish Survivor (which is really tempting)
Plans for 2009:
~Finish Survivor if I haven’t already
~Start submitting Flamebound
~Finish Edit 1 of Pirouette the Rewrite and start the One-Pass Revision Process
~FINISH Pirouette and submit it to someone (after crits/beta-ing of course, and possibly a few more drafts)
~Finish up Hereafter if not done yet
~Write new novel of some sort.  Or novella.  Something.
So that’s what’s shaking and baking.  Stay tuned.
 I’m going to try to keep a regular record of how I’m doing here, plus post some excerpts.  I think this is going to rock.

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