Crap and double crap.

I got a plotbunny concerning the Morrighan, an Irish war goddess.  One, her role in Pirouette — in draft 1, she was the leader of the warrior group Alisia becomes part of; in Rewrite she did not exist.  At least not to my knowledge.  Damn, it feels like forever since I worked on it (it’s only been about 3 weeks).  Anyhoo, that will change.  Morrighan will be back in action.

And…..Dagmar, my war-romance plotbunny.  The main character is an Irish goddess.  She could, in theory, be the Morrighan.  Or become the Morrighan if I work it right.  Very interesting.

Yeah.  That’s all I’m saying on that.

Survivor  has been a wild ride so far.  Got 15k new words, go me!  Things have gone a bit off the rails, but I think that’s a good thing.  True to form, I’ve added a character and a huge complication that ties into the antagonist’s plan. 

Most of the scenes in my outline for the “endgame” — as I’m calling it — are done. Now, I need to start tying up loose ends, and head towards the very end (the climax) which is going to seriously rock.

It’s been fun, to say the least.

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