On Sven.

What an experience.  I made my goal of 70k, and Pirouette  is almost in the bag.  Marathons are good for me, because they keep me working steadily and honest.  Very honest.  Last night when I discovered I was 400 words away from hitting 70k, I wrote more.  It wasn’t just the number — it was the knowledge that even though I’ve had some issues this round (voice rec and migraines, mostly), I still managed to write 70k in three months.  For me, that’s a major accomplishment.

So thank you Sven, and the sponsors and all the sweating challengers.  🙂

Two more scenes to go, and Pirouette will be finished.  I can see the end as I rush headlong toward it.  It’s always such a rush.  To be this close, and not yet done.  To know that with a few more days work, the book will be complete.  To know that more work awaits me — but that’s okay.  It’s another step toward making it publishable.

And I will get it published.  There is no other option.

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