70 Days of Sweat

Heh.  Just signed up to participate in 70 days of sweat.  I missed the first two rounds, so I wanted to get in on this one.  Basically, it’s like a marathon.  The objective is to reach between 60k and 100k on a WIP (or two, as some people are doing).  Since challenges and marathons keep me focused and steady, I thought this was a perfect way to get Pirouette finished.

I only have an estimated 40k left, but it might end up being more.  Cutting it down is going to suck, but right now, I’m only concerned with the story.  I’ll worry about revisions later.

Also, I’ve transitioned pretty much completely to voice recognition, and I’m just now starting to hit my pre-tendonitis wordcounts.  So hopefully I can actually keep up!

This challenge ends on May 16.  I think I can make it happen.

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