Attack of the Rabid Plot Bunnies of Doom.

Since I haven’t been writing regularly (because of my wrist), the plot bunnies conspired to plummel me with ideas…..when I can’t do a damn thing about them.  Nothing.  Except take notes.  Failing that….er…remember?

 Yeah.  So today’s Big Idea came from my original mind control research.  I’ve always wanted to do a hard-core cult novel, with very severe mind control at its center.  Two plot bunnies, both older fit that.  But one took center stage, and I could see some of the scenes in my mind.  Scary.

Another is related to the TV show Bones.  I’ve watched a few episodes, and I like it alot.  I especially like forensics — it’s one of my nerdy interests.  And whilst reading up on the new season of Bones, out comes a murder mystery bunny begging for attention.

That’s not counting the Dune-inspired idea of genetic engineering/superiority.  Or the ideas I recently added to my archive on Flogging the Muse (it’s protected, so don’t bother looking.  I paranoid).  I really really need to either become super-prolific or start ignoring these ideas because I will not live long enough to see them through to completion.  But dammit, they’re all shiny. 

Life stinks sometimes.

Oh, and Survivor has been poking at me, too.  I actually broke down and worked on the Timeline of Doom, and brainstormed new scenes, and got horrendously frustrated by a niggling plot issue.  An important one.  So it just needs to simmer.

Yeah.  Any plot bunny cages around?  Cuz I need ’em like yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Rabid Plot Bunnies of Doom.

  1. Not to fret – the strong plot bunnies might be re-absorbed, but they will re-emerge even freakier with longer gestation. I like your taste in TV.

  2. Hey, I came over here to make a comment and see that Roxie beat me here. I used a similar idea a couple of days ago when trying to generate a story for a contest. GAAAK. what to write. So I used parts NCIS plots that were on most of the afternoon.

    The end result will never win a prize, but at least it got ideas bubbling up. I’d like to see “The Attack of the Rabid Bunnies.”

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