What Lies Beneath has a plot!

Thanks to a sweet writer friend of mine, who asked some very insightful and interesting questions, WLB has a plot.  A beginning, middle and end.  It has a culture.  It has a couple of villains.  There’s a few betrayals in there, and dead goddess resurrected.  And possibly quantum magic, if I can work it into the magic system.

The whole thing started like this: quantum magic –> shapeshifters –> dolphin ‘shifters (to be different) –> a world without sanity –> the price of sanity –> water –> drowning –> drowning as a magical ritual –> empathy (psychic) –> warring races.

This book started as simply two races pitted against each other for control of the world, and a man and a woman –enemies — falling in love.  And it just grew from there, as I took bits and pieces and fit them together like an intricate puzzle.  Inspirations? The MSN’s peculiar postings page (drowning), various books already written (bits and pieces), psychic abilities, insanity. 

Sometimes, I don’t know how it all comes together, but when it does, it’s magic.

So this one is going on next year’s schedule for sure.

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