Pirouette today.

Been doing alot of thinking about the Pirouette rewrite.  A writer friend hit upon something really cool, one answer to a question that was nagging at me all day.  All day, folks.  So that’s good, right?

I will try to do some editing tonight before bedtime, or indexing.  I should really do the indexing but……I’m past my deadline for completing said edit, although if I take enough time, I could prolly blow through it in a few days.  Today I took a bit of a break — I played a few hours of Guild Wars, the coolest RPG ever.  I haven’t played it roughly 2 weeks, and I thought I was due.  Didn’t finish any missions but it was fun nonetheless.

Also had yet another plotbunny hit this afternoon.  Was doing some stealthy research over lunch on hauntings and got this neat idea–insane asylum residents (who are dead) try to get revenge on the decendents of the people who experimented on them.  Innocent young woman (and man?) stumble into this odd reality where the murders, insanity (no shit, right?) and violence are replayed over and over again.  They try to drive our poor heroes crazy, until they realize they have a secret weapon.  I have no clue what it is.  But it’s bound to be cool.  😉  Thinking of an alternate setting besides plain old Earth.  But we’ll see.  This is a faraway plan, #19 or #20 on the Plotbunny List of Doom, so it’ll be awhile.  But I had to get it down, preserve the damn thing before it disappears from the gray matter altogether.  I’d almost forgotten about it.

What else?  Nothing much.  I’m tired and should be in the shower.  Ta ta for now.

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