On Requiem. The plot thickens.

Requiem in Blue has been stalled for the past few days, for reasons I do not understand.  I had the next few scenes plotted, and some ideas for the next direction, but I felt oddly…..at odds with it.  Something just wasn’t clicking for me.  Bizarre, with all the neat ideas I had.

So I tried something new.  Or, fairly new.

I talked to my muse.  In the shower.  😉  If this sounds weird, well, let me assure you–this is a semi-regular thing.  I don’t get it, but I always seem to get ideas in the shower.  Maybe it’s because I let my mind wander, sometimes even “playing” a soundtrack in my head (this only works for songs I know really well, or have memorized) or maybe it’s because my muse wants to taunt me.  I can’t write in the shower; hell, I can’t even jot down ideas.  I usually end up memorizing everything and then racing to my room to write it all down.  Once, I composed an entire poem in the shower, memorized it, and typed it up immediately after.  My mind is strange sometimes.

So we talked, and I learned a few things about my characters that I didn’t know–like, the antagonist might be ill, and I learned why that is.  Also learned of his plans for the protagonist, Meredith.  He’s obcessed with her, even though she isn’t of the same race as he is.  The rest, well, that would be spoilers.  😉

Been itching to write something.  Just feeling rather blah about it.  I want to write more on Survivor.  Must consult the Timeline to find out where my protagonist is for the next scene. 

This weekend is another edit marathon at the writer’s community I’m in, Forward Motion.  These marathons are great because they get the juices flowing.  It’s always nice to have a goal to work towards.  It makes it all so much sweeter.  I’m signed up for 15,000 edited words, but I will most likely hit more.  Lots of cutting = lots of words. 

I just finished reading Holly Lisle’s Night Echoes.  As a huge fan of her books, I found this book to be distinctly different from her other paranormal suspense books.  But different in a good, refreshing way.  She tackles some interesting circumstances, as well as some interesting coincidences.  I can’t say much without giving spoilers, so suffice to say that I enjoyed it and could not put it down.  She has a way of weaving people, places, and things together, warping them, making them sing.  It is truly magic.  I wish to God I could write like that.  Mamamia.  Read Night Echoes.  You’ll be enthralled.

Alrighty.  It’s almost midnight and I’m getting tired, so it’s either now or never on the writing thing.  So I shall get to it.  *cracking whip smilie here*


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