muse-1, Erin-0

And so the game continues.  Today I got alot of work done on various projects.  The big one is on Requiem, a solid 1,953 words.  That’s more like it.  I knew I had it in me.  That was a fun scene.  Poor Meredith.  She’s gonna flip out when she discovers what her master did to her. 

I also wrote down a new version of the Prophecy for Pirouette.  The first prophecy was well, not cool.  It hit a few of the things I wanted it to hit, but not enough.  Naturally, I needed to see the scope of the book (and the Final Battle) before coming up with something better. So I did.  I think Prophecy 2.0 rocks.  I may even turn it into a poem.  I’m not sure.  But I need that for the second scene of the rewrite, where our male lead learns of his destiny — and the mysterious woman who’s about to be interwined in it.  Fun, fun, fun.

And then there are the haiku.  Haiku that I wrote specifically for Pirouette.  They came out really cool. 

Overall, I am doing alot better.  Work wasn’t bad at all.  Not the pressure cooker it’s been all week.  That makes me very happy.  I also got alot done today, even with a surprise visit from our boss.  Yikes.  Sometimes I have no idea what to say to the guy.  He’s got a weird sense of humor, but he’s always been nice to me (except when he’s not releasing orders from credit hold for reasons I can’t figure out) so s’ok.

Next on the to-do list is darkroom.  But first, the wrists need a serious break.

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