ugh, the muse loses.

My muse has been very active today, giving me ideas about what scene to start the Pirouette rewrite with.  It’s a cool scene, giving the reader a taste of the world, of who the male lead is, and who the main players are.  It has a hook, too.  I visualized this most of the day, and when I sat down to write it, it came out totally wrong.  Not even a little rough, which I could live with.  I mean, holy crap I wrote that? rough.  I cannot even begin to express my frustration.

So, I deleted the entire thing.  It was around 300 words, not much, but there isn’t anything I remotely wanted to keep.  I guess I’m not quite there yet for starting it, even though it’s ahead of schedule, and I’m inspired now.  Oh well.  There will be time. 

Was thinking of trying to write a scene for Survivor or for Requiem.  I’m anxious to do some writing today, any writing, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  I did have a frazzled kind of day, worthy of tranquilizers in fact.  My mind has been running a thousand miles an hour.  I think that’s a good thing, but dammit, I want to write.

I did write 10 haiku, but I don’t count that because they, too, suck.  Except one.  It’s from an excercise for my Tarot group where I challenge them to make up a haiku based on three Tarot cards.

I walk into light
on gossamer wings, I fly.
Boundless, my soul soars.

 Strangely enough, it sort of reminds me of that scene I just tried.  I’m not even sure what the Prophetess is going to tell Lucien, exactly.  I figure that it will come to me.  Or, I might need to drag it kicking and screaming from my muse. 

I’m listening to Queensyche’s “Rage for Order.”  What an awesome album.  Totally.  Inspiring.  I know my muse likes it. 

Just need the blasted words, dammit.


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